09 April 2007

why is the shreveport times printing lies?

in todays shreveport times, shreveport liar err lawyer richard john reiterates the lie (see link) that senator john breaux is registered to vote in maryland and the shreveport times (a gannett rag) allows this media hoax to continue.

while its true that senator breaux did register to vote in maryland and you can view his voter registration application here it plainly states "you are not a registered voter until you receive your voter notification card. if you do not receive your voter notification card in three weeks, you should contact your county board of elections." as far as we know senator breaux has never acknowledged receiving his "voter notification card" and furthermore it's been reported that senator breaux has never voted in maryland. so it would appear that its not true that senator breaux is indeed a registered voter in maryland, yet the media, the freaking media, in their publications continues reporting and keeps allowing this lie to be broadcast as fact.

if the media cant get this little bit of information correct what else are they totally wrong about?

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