30 April 2007

more alexandria 'abandoned' car horror

well, well, well the hits just keep on coming with alexandria, louisiana's unconstitutional and racist 'abandoned' car ordinance. meet ms. barbara compton, yet another african-american person victimized by a city government gone beserk!

as we've said since the very beginning of this unconstitutional ordinance's passage it was written solely for and directed towards alexandria's african american citizens. we havent seen or heard of a single white person yet who under this ordinance had their car towed.

ms. compton's car was sitting in her back yard but this didnt stop warrantless, jackbooted bureaucratic thugs from the city of alexandria from entering her property and ticketing her vehicle for being "abandoned."

now dont be hoodwinked and think that this ordinance is some simple mistake. the mayor is an attorney, his chief operating officer is an attorney and the city attorney is for sure an attorney. they had to have known that this ordinance was illegal - no excuses. so if we apply the scientific principle called occam's razor to this situation the only plausible explanation is that they thought that they would pass this ordinance and swoop into "nigger town" and steal all these "nigger cars" before the "niggers" knew what hit 'em.

all these cars, it dont matter if they have been sitting in someones garage or back yard for 100 years are worth something once they are chopped down and parted out. in fact the older the cars are the more scarce replacement parts are for those models still on the road thus making the 'abandoned' car parts that much more valuable.

ms. compton said that she told the city that she had made arraignments with her own towing company to have her car removed but her towing company told her to wait until her yard dried out because its been rainy lately. kalb's john-thomas kobos didnt report who the city's towing service is in this instance but in other kalb reports its been shown that its jerry tyler towing service. now jerry tyler couldnt wait to get ms. compton's "abandoned" car they came into her yard and rutted it all up, damaged her fence. this is just legalized stealing pure and simple.

"the rule of law is merely the rule of the bandits who have control of the law." ~ eustace mullins

ms. barbara compton
another african american victim of
alexandria's 'abandoned' car ordinance
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length 1m37s
uh huh, see that neighborhood where ms. compton lives? thats all a black neighborhood. see them railroad tracks? ms. compton lives on the wrong side.
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