24 April 2007

local politicians pissed at evil bloggers

we just read an interesting post (see link) over on michele godard's cenla media blog. the title of the post is "Mudslinging Bloggers Take Over?" in which she directs our attention to a 21 april 2007, editorial in the lafayette, la., gannett owned the daily advertiser called "internet is ideal for mudslinging."

although the daily advertiser's editorial seems to take to task organized political campaigns and their online hijinks ms. godard is interestingly morphing it around to include some blogs and bloggers.

for instance, ms. godard chooses to lead her post off with this line from the daily advertiser editorial: "The fact that laws against libel and slander are not applicable in cyberspace is disquieting, to say the least." laments the commentary." then goes on to write:

A similar concern was echoed to me Monday from a central Louisiana politician clearly taken off balance by the huge amount of negative information posted on local blogs about him. This person is determined to find out who is on the attack, and claims to already have an attorney looking into who is posting and organizing this smear campaign.
now the first thing you have to understand is, is that the media will never pass up an opportunity to marginalize and make bloggers look foolish because the media's influence is diminishing and naturally they dont like that. its their own fault though because they dont report anything serious. take for example our post yesterday about rich dupree's emails. those emails were sent to us out of the blue and totally unsolicited. now despite the fact that the emails were legally obtained by a public records request why would someone choose to send them to a blogger rather than go to the local media? most likely because the media wouldnt print them. its not because there isnt any interest in the email story either because our own stats from yesterday shows that since we posted them we received almost 900 page loads:
additionally, even today, the emails are still attracting tremendous interest because all seven emails including the invoice are all in todays top ten of most outgoing clicks:

then the media plays into the politicians hands by passing along the information that this so called target of a "smear campaign" is lawyer shopping and looking to sue to uncover these mysterious bloggers identities. obviously what they are trying to do is to intimidate everyone into not posting about political subjects.

as far as these ridiculous politicians are concerned king solomon, about 3,000 years ago wrote about what the problem is and what the answer is to the problem. solomon wrote at proverbs chapter twenty-nine at verse two: "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." so if the politicians were doing the right thing and were righteous then everyone would be "rejoicing" and singing their praises instead of insulting them and so forth. if the politicians were as smart as they think they are and used their cunning in a different way then they would be reading the blogs and seeing what people have to say and be adjusting their attitude and more importantly their policies accordingly. but they wont do that. instead, their strategery is to stamp out all opposition - because they are not righteous.
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