20 April 2007

port games

the town talk has a story this morning (see link) "port, petron disagree over lease accord." the story is about a lease dispute between the alexandria regional port authority and petron.

apparently what is going on is that the "powers that be" want the petron gang out of the port business and the new gang whom town talk reporter, karina donica, calls "vanguard synfuels llc" actually its vanguard biosynfuels, inc. in. the mayor even sent kay michiels, his c.o.o. over to the meeting. the town talk quotes ms. michiels as saying:

"This is a terrible, terrible, terrible situation for you all and for us," Michiels told commissioners. "And I just want to encourage you to get this resolved with Petron."

dean tyler, darrel dubroc and tim a. collins own vanguard biosynfuels, inc.

according to this story in the kansas city business journal, in april 2003, vanguard biosynfuels, inc. (curiously the k.c. business journal got the name right) bought the old farmland industries fertilizer plant at pollock, louisiana for $2.3 million [1,690,647 eur].

steve ayres owns petron.

according to delores brewer's campaign finance reports here steve ayres was a contributor.

why does the tyler family surname keep turning up in city government business?
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meanwhile, visitors to alexandria have no decent pier to tie up to and are forced to disembark their ships on a rickety gangway.