27 April 2007

he is piyush not bobby

interesting piyush story on the india abroad rediff.com media website from 16 november 2003. click the link to view it from their website. a look into the comments section shows that the average indian -- (for all of you that are lost in moon griffon's balkanville thats the indians as in the taj mahal and brahman bull worshipping indians not the indians who run your favorite casino)

anyhoooo reading the comment thread for this article we have to wonder why is it that the indians are not impressed with piyush? why is it that they can see through the bullshit and are not beguiled and spellbound by this con artist like so many louisianaians are? in the meantime, most everyone degrades huey long and edwin edwards slick style and ways, whilst in reality piyush is the same thing. piyush is just a little better educated and prettier and has his shtick very well polished. more so than long and edwards ever did.

one reason the indians arent deceived by piyush is because they actually believe in something. this is shown in the recent controversy involving richard gere and an indian woman shilpa shetty. it seems that the indians arent impressed with a big time american hollywood no morals having ass who comes over to their country and violates their societal customs and morals. so they put an arrest warrant out on gere. lol good for them. then we see the american media playing it up here trying to make the indians look like a bunch of hicks when all the indians are saying is hey we have standards and we are going to act to protect that what we believe in and stand for. if this incident had happened on american television (remember the britney spears & madonna kiss) it wouldnt have been a kiss on the cheek. it would have been french kissing, dry humping , etc on stage and the american elites would have been saying "oh, how avant garde."

the moral of the story is piyush "bobby" jindal's own people arent fooled -- why are you? are you not more intelligent than someone who worships a cow?

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