12 April 2007

breaux attorney general residency opinion expected

added 4:38pm cdt thursday 12 april 2007 okay...now we're bored with the whole thing and dont really give a damn anymore.

added 4:29pm cdt thursday 12 april 2007
the dead pelican now has a link to a lafayette daily advertiser story by gannett democratic mouthpiece john hill
BATON ROUGE -- State Attorney General Charles Foti's office said it will release its opinion this afternoon on the question of whether former U.S. Sen. John Breaux is eligible to run for governor.

"Stay tuned," said Jennifer Cluck of the Attorney General's public information staff. "Later this afternoon."
its interesting to note that mr. hill is now parroting the falsehood that senator breaux is registered to vote in maryland.

the dead pelican is reporting "AG opinion on John Breaux's residency likely to come today, sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN... DEVELOPING..."

we assume that the opinion will be posted to the attorney general opinion page:

also here is the link to the attorney general press release page:

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