19 April 2007

questions for nbc president steve capus

we were wondering the same thing - this is the first time we've seen these questions in writing

via rense.com

Questions For NBC
President Steve Capus
From A Concerned Citizen


NBC claims they turned over all the materials received from the Virginia Tech killer "immediately."

This was supered on the screen during an interview with Mr. Capus on Keith Olbermann's show. "NBC TURNED MATERIALS OVER TO AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY."

The clips and photos that you are airing from the killer- are these files and photos and writing that the authorities gave back to you AFTER you immediately turned them over? Did authorities take the files, make copies, and then give you copies?

Were the files you broadcast copies that you made prior to immediately turning them over to the authorities?

Or did you turn over copies to the authorities?

If you immediately gave the material to authorities how are you able to air the material?

Listen here to Mr. Capus when Chris Matthews asks him (On Hardball) how soon they were turned over. You can hear him uhhh.. hmmm.... uhhh... we....uhhhh... uhhh
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