16 April 2007

judge brady is 'dumbfounded'

u.s. district court judge james "jim" brady

according to an article from the advocate (see link) via the dead pelican united states district judge and alexandria native james brady has "ordered the state to pay nearly $100,000 [73,820 eur] in legal fees to two law firms representing the Entertainment Software Association and the Entertainment Merchants Association." due to the frivolous hb 1381 which when governor blanco signed it, became act 441.

the advocate's penny brown reports "In that same decision, the judge writes that he is “dumbfounded” legislators and Gov. Kathleen Blanco wasted taxpayer money by trying to enact such a law."

well judge brady welcome to the club!

one shouldnt be "dumbfounded" though when we look at hb 1381's voting record because every last one (with the exception of the seven who were conveniently absent) of these chumps voted for the bill! no one in the louisiana legislature has enough sense to know when they are voting for unconstitutional legislation! louisiana's governor doesnt have enough sense to know when she is signing unconstitutional legislation! all this despite the fact...despite the fact that similar legislation had already been struck down in other states.

every last one of these clowns should be held personally liable for the legal fees. what do they care? its just the taxpayer's dollars and obviously from the legislators view louisiana voters arent that bright anyway as we have elected an entire state house and state senate that dont even know the constitution.

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