09 April 2007

louisiana state bar association president: full of crap

lately we've noticed that louisiana state bar association president, marta-ann schnabel has been writing letters to state newspaper opinion pages concerning remarks made recently by louisiana senator david vitter;

we're sorry but we have to ~cringe~ agree with senator vitter on this one. in our defense though, we already knew that the louisiana state supreme court was pretty shoddy.

for instance when we read about the state supreme court's decision to cover-up the fox mckeithen 911 tapes we knew that they were just a political good ol boy network tool.

when we saw the louisiana supreme court's horrendous decision in louisiana v ordodi we didnt need senator david vitter to tell us that our state supreme court is loaded with empty headed morons. how about that ruling in sabine parish police jury vs commissioner of alcohol tobacco and firearms? [30 page .pdf]

its not just the louisiana state supreme court that is corrupt its the local courts as well - such as that what we have seen when a ninth judicial district court judge, patricia koch, ruled that she couldnt see anything wrong with a fellow judge, judge george metoyer sitting in judgement on a case in which his wife worked for one of the litigants.

or how about the time that another local judge, judge harry randow issued an order directed toward the local media barring them from reporting on testimony given in open court and even going so far as to prohibit the town talk from communicating with their own attorneys.

how about the rapides parish district attorney who was caught leaking secret grand jury testimony to prosecution witnesses so they would know what story to pitch at trial. there was no investigation, no sanctions, no disbarments. just a wink wink and a smile. business as usual.

the truth is ms. schnabel is that louisiana is ground zero for corruption and we all know it. please stay in your fantasy world of new orleans because those of us who pay attention to these things know that you ms schnabel are full of shit!