09 July 2006

state senator robert barham is an ass

UPDATE: more piyush 'freshness' scammery: robert barham appointed sec'y louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries

click picture to enlargesherman's march to the sea
here comes more ridiculous news that state senator robert barham (r) oak ridge via his senate resolution no. 130 wants to name a building at louisiana state university "in honor of" union civil war general william tecumseh sherman.
WHEREAS, William Sherman was a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and, although a complex man, went on to serve his country on a number of levels at which he achieved great success and distinguished himself;
this is another prime example of the unthinking, uncaring bunch of goofs that we have in our louisiana legislature. nevermind that general sherman was a general in the enemies army, nevermind that general sherman burned down atlanta, (and more) in georgia in his infamous march to the sea, nevermind that sherman was a party to committing genocide against the native americans. this is the kind of person that our louisiana legislature thinks is someone who is honorable and deserves recognition.