24 July 2006

robbing the bank twice

the prestridge crime family

we came across this interesting 3rd circuit opinion from trolling the la state supreme court's website mostly looking for a decision in the amanda gutweiler hypes case. we arent sure but seems like there are opinions waiting in her case before both courts. scrolling down through the writ applications denied section the name glynda prestridge caught our eye because anytime you see the name (glynda or larry wayne prestridge) you should further investigate because something funny going on. heres why:

the prestridge family own a company at alexandria, louisiana called air conditioning- appliance corporation or as its commonly known as aca corp. website.

a few years ago the son larry ray prestridge shot and killed a man named darryl gates at a rural area of rapides parish in the philadelphia community called morris sasser road [map] [satellite] this received scant attention in the local press. naturally, the prestridges hire local super lawyer j michael small to represent their scion.

due to the incompetence or collusion (pick one) of the local sheriff department and district attorney, ninth judicial district judge george metoyer ruled that there wasnt enough evidence to sustain the charges and dismissed them. larry ray prestridge walked out of court that day a free man getting away with murder.

if you view the aca website today you will see him standing there in the middle with a smile.

a little while later his mother glynda prestridge opens an account at a local bank - the bank of jena, libuse, branch with a deposit of at least $61,000 [48,332 eur] which she claims is the proceeds of a loan her son larry ray was paying back (probably the money she loaned him for mike small's legal fees.) according to mrs. prestridge she claims that she never bothered to check her bank statements until some months later only to discover that her daughter in law (larry ray's wife) had been forging checks and had withdrawn around $60,800 [48,170 eur].

so glenda prestridge decides to sue the bank to get her money back despite by her own admission she never bothered to check her bank statements till months later and that the bank faithfully mailed her the statements on time like they were supposed to.

local attorney aaron siebeneicher must have felt like a fool bringing on such a ridiculous argument before the court fortunately for siebeneicher the judge in the case was none other than... george metoyer!

the prestridges have a long history of conduct like this. some years back larry wayne prestridge together with a fellow named jack hodnett and their um lady friend nola mcfalls swindled a lowly school teacher named billy hooper out of his life savings in a company called ptq enterprises, inc. hooper discovered that mr. hodnett and mrs. mcfalls were embezzling money from the company and despite owning thirty percent of the companys stock was promptly "fired" from the company. hooper had a heart attack and died and these three criminals are still ripping off his poor widow.

larry wayne prestride is also a deacon in a local southern baptist church philadelphia baptist church in the philadelphia community. the church body as well as the community as a whole know that he is a criminal yet they still reelect him to the deaconship. we guess this church is full of what jesus referred to as "vipers"

oh and the law firm that assists in the ptq swindle why none other than charlie weems and the so called gold law firm.

Support a criminal, and you support crime
When you buy tables from a carpenter who lies or cheats, you are denying money to a carpenter who is honest. Eventually the honest carpenters will be driven to bankruptcy, and all that will remain are the dishonest and incompetent carpenters. ~ eric hufschmid
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