16 September 2009

la gop chairman roger villere is a hypocrite and a fraud

as everyone knows, yesterday the u.s. house of representatives voted 240 - 179 to "disapprove" of congressman joe wilson's "you lie" outburst at president obama during the president's 09 september 2009 address on health care to the joint session of congress.

not long after the vote, louisiana gop chairman roger villere issued a statement which was picked up and heavily promoted by the dead pelican. ~ link or screen grab, in which villere takes congressman charlie melancon (d) to task for voting for the rebuke.

congressman melancon is also an announced candidate in next years senatorial election against david vitter.

however, a closer look at house roll call vote #699 reveals that congressman melancon was not the only representative from louisiana who voted for the rebuke. the other vote was by flaky nola rino anh cao -- yet there is no word or mention of this by villere.

this failure on villere's part to rebuke louisiana rino's for their behavior is part and parcel of villere's incompetent (read criminal) management of the louisiana republican party.

when are louisiana republicans ever going to get a clue and clean up and run off the criminals like villere who himself is a rino who are running their party into the ground? why cant they see that villere and company are working a plan to destroy the la gop?

why wont louisiana republicans demand honest, respectable leaders as well as political candidates and elected officials?
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