08 September 2009

president obama's national address to students

president obama gives great speeches for sure but just think how much good he could do for america and the world if only he wasnt sent to help destroy america.

what the president should have said was "thanks to my predecessors and me if you fail you're letting down china and the others (who really own you) who hold the trillions of dollars of america's debt we've ran up looting the treasury with our banker friends and bail-out buddies that you and all your grandchildren will never pay off -- so stay in school and study hard so you can be productive and join the collective in doing your part in paying it back in a nice orderly fashion."
a youtube commenter newtheories has an interesting take on president obama's speech:
At least 1/2 the jobs he inspires students could have with a good education are GOVERNMENT jobs

Talks about being innovative enough to one day invent the next POISONOUS VACCINE. AYKM! (are you kidding me)

He uses author of Witchcraft I mean Harry Potter as a role model to look up to.

But he did give some good advice because he can't be too obvious.