05 August 2007

video: council on foreign relations dungbag fred thompson roughs up 911 truthseeker

fred thompson
houston911truth.org excerpt:
After asking Fred Thompson about his involvement with the Council on Foreign Relations I was pulled out of the building by the Houston Police Department. After the Houston Police took me outside I was told that I had been asked to leave once before by the TSA when that never took place, Rick who was with me a few feet back was pulled outside as I was still interviewing. Please ask yourselves why I was asked to leave when the other people asking questions were not. As I was being dragged out I asked about his 18 years as a lobbyist where he gained more than 1.3 million dollars. Not surprisingly, I did not receive an answer.

As soon as I was pulled out of the building by three armed policemen Senator Thompson left with his entourage.
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