24 August 2007

the piyush "bobby" jindal scam wants to weaken or eliminate the fifth amendment!

the dead pelican has linked to a story on thenew995fm.com about piyush's new 'crime fighting plan.' one thing we have to point out is how the article starts off:
It was billed as a "major campaign announcement," but it was actually a campaign rally at which the candidate outlined his crime-fighting platform.
this is a very interesting way to lead a story and perhaps the media is somehow trying to subtly warn us about how the piyush scam is a lying con-artist.

as interesting as the first sentence is, its the last sentence thats equally as telling into the inner workings of the piyush scam's mind and agenda as it is troubling:
The candidate also said he believes the state should make the refusal to submit to a blood-alcohol breath test a criminal offense.
the fifth amendment of the united states constitution gives us the right against self incrimination; we already know from the piyush scam's previous congressional votes for such unconstitutional, unchristian and anti-christic laws like the usa patriot act, the military commissions act, the john warner defense act, which amongst other things eliminated posse comitatus and the real i.d. act which establishes a 'papers please' nazification of amerika that the piyush scam has neither any respect for nor any qualms whatsoever about weakening or outright voiding the constitution.

vote for and support this idiot at your own peril.