26 August 2007

RINO watch: the kay kellog katz scam seeks reelection

UPDATE: kay 'bucket of bolts' katz pushes corrupt lake charles democrat willie landry mounts' sb312 mandatory water fluoridation - mass medication of louisianaians without informed consent and against our will scheme through the state house!

the dead pelican

the monroe news star reported on 24 august 2007 "katz runs to third win in house seat." [dist. 16 map .pdf].

this old crone first came on our radar in the 2006 regular legislative session with her hb59 a bill in which representative katz sought to reduce the number of voting hours "in the primary and general elections" by chopping off a whole two hours...making the polls open an hour later and close an hour earlier. anytime politicians want to tamper with voting laws, reduce the number of hours in which to vote in etc... you can bet they arent trying to benefit the voters but themselves and their respective machines. which is exactly what we saw happen right after katrina when the legislature foolishly changed around the states voting laws coupled with governor blanco's delaying the orleans mayoral election killed the momentum of voter outrage and allowed the reelection of mayor nagin. although we like mayor nagin we didnt feel that he was the best choice to head nola's recovery. we were pulling for peggy wilson.

representative katz's hb59 was 'involuntarily deferred' in the house and governmental affairs committee. not to be outdone the kay kellogg katz scam in the 2007 regular legislative session introduces hb6 -- a carbon copy of hb59 and it was once again promptly deferred by the house and governmental affairs committee.

on 23 may 2007 the house municipal and parochial affairs committee heard representative billy chandler's hb195. a bill designed to make the town of pollock, louisiana's police chief an appointive rather than its current elective position. we looked on incredulously at representative katz a republican dunderheaded remarks in total support of this bill. only a damn fool would give up the right to vote for the person charged with enforcing the law and we emailed representative katz asking her to justify her remarks with the republican party platform of more freedom, less taxes and less governmental regulation -- as of this date representative katz hasnt replied.

in the news star article the writer stacy temple reported that representative "katz told supporters at the atrium the three c's are required to be a good representative: concern, common sense and character." we cant see where representative has any one of the three so by her own words she isnt qualified to serve again.

a direct quote of representative katz goes: "we started on a journey eight years ago when i came to you and asked to let me be your representative," katz said. emphasis added

started on a journey? wtf is that? that is pure hillary clinton speak.

it doesnt make any difference if you vote for a democrat or a republican you get the same thing. they are the same crime gang. one side of the crime gang calls themselves republicans to trick the conservatives and the other side calls themselves democrats to trick the liberals. there hasnt been a true democratic or republican party since before the civil war. what they really are, are scalawags and carpetbaggers and our only hope is to throw both parties out on their collective asses and vote in independents.