01 December 2010

la state senate staffer suspended over obama email forward

according to a report by the associated press repeater, melinda deslatte, louisiana state senate staffer tammy crain-waldrop, sent -- what some are calling an "offensive e-mail to hundreds of government workers."

the email in question, which the associated press claims to have obtained, purports to sport a "doctored" photo of president obama made to look like a white man with the tag: "do you like him any better now? no? me neither ..... then you're not a racist."

notice how the media criminals brag about how they have a copy of the email -- yet dont post it for all to see. no blogger anywhere in the world would be allowed to get away with something like that.

you should consider that this is just another trick to cause racial fights and problems.

as far as that goes, is anyone stupid enough to believe that any of that collection of freaks, perverts and criminals who comprise the organized crime gang which calls itself the loony looziana legislature is truly offended by this email? what when they routinely author, coauthor and vote in laws that are unneeded, unwanted and are an offense to the people, the constitution and almighty god?

people who work in state government would be better off -- if they are going to do something to get fired or suspended over -- to spend their time exposing all the fraud and corruption in the legislature and not wasting time on silly obama emails.