11 December 2010

o.k. allen bridge

here is a short clip we recently took of traveling from alexandria, la. to pineville via the o.k. allen bridge.

this bridge is slated for demolition and replacement. after we uploaded this clip we noticed from the related videos, that the youtuber AnthonyJKenn recently uploaded a nice cgi clip to show what the new bridge will look like. you can view that clip here. be sure and read its description.

as you can see the roadway is a bit bumpy and we noticed in another related video that the youtuber Freewayjim likes to shoot very well done videos of roads and bridges such as this clip of his US-190 & Bridges: Baton Rouge, LA as you can tell the camera is very steady and smooth.

so we sent him a message through youtube asking him how he achieved this and he replied that:

I have the camera mounted on a tripod based on the front seat floorboard, it is very steady at highway speeds.