09 May 2006

sb655 sen robert r adley & louisiana ethics

get a good look at ethically challenged louisiana state senator robert "slick" adley (d) benton:

senator adley is the lead author of Senate Bill 655.

sb655 according to the dead pelican "...is stirring quite some controversy...senate bill 655, which basically gives big oil companies amnesty on oil field cleanup. it will also allow the department of natural resources to take private property from homeowners while imposing a minimal six inch cleanup rule on oil companies...some claim that the bill is designed to give adley and his friends...a "pass," so they won't have to clean up the oil spills that they have created."

the dead pelican continues: "...the questions below are an example of what people are now wondering about adley.

“how did adley get all those contracts with governments? did being a state senator help?”

“why is it legal for someone to sponsor a bill for a business while he is serving on the board of that business? if i did that i would go to jail!”

“is adley trying to relieve himself of cleaning some of those wells he drilled?" click here to read more. see also "fallout continues between oil companies; land owners" from the dead pelican.

here is a cursory search of robert r adley on the sec'y of state corp database.

click pictures to enlarge or click here to view that page live from the secretary of state corp database.

senator adley is the officer and/or director of at least four louisiana corporations relating to gas and oil well drilling and energy management. get a load of "common sense against crime" small wonder its no longer active eh?

senate bill 655:

one interesting note: section m on page 9 of the bill (the bill runs to 19 pages) limits appeals to the first circuit court of appeals only. this is the same court that went along with the fox mckeithen 911 tapes cover-up. if you are the little guy dont expect any help from this court because there is a reason it was chosen by adley and his cronies to be the only court to handle these appeals...
...the first circuit was chosen because its located in baton rouge so the politicians dont even have to leave town they can just walk down the street to control their judicial house negros...

hb655 passed the la state senate on tuesday 09 may 2006 and is now pending house introduction. above is the senators who voted for and against this bill. click here to view the senate vote from the legislature's website.

senator adley in his closing speech immediately before the final passage vote had the gall to say on the senate floor "...i want to thank you for your help and your call to put me in this horrible position to be standing here with this legislation i want to thank you i want to thank the senate we have had a healthy debate the way it ought to be done but i do want to say one thing to you i love this state..." click here to listen to it in .mp3 audio.

even louisianaians who work in the oil industry see the folly of this bill. nick bouterie the conservative cajun writes in his blog:

"I work in the oil business and am a big supporter of the industry, however, these oil companies need to clean up Louisiana properly. A 6 inch deep clean-up will not do. Oil companies have been good for Louisiana’s economy and have helped in coastal conservation programs, such as Shell Oil donating $100,000 to CCA, even in the aftermath of the two organizations being at odds with each other. However, the oil industry needs to be good to our state’s landowners and environment and properly cleaning up their waste is a must. As much as I have defended oil companies, they still do not give a free pass..."
see also vote the record archive for robert adley catagory