30 May 2006

bobby jindal.mp3

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congressman piyush "bobby" jindal was just on moon griffon delivering his brand of pep-talk b.s., upbeatedly delivered rapid fire. in other words jindal delivers his schtick in such a way that he says so much in such a small time, that by the time he has thrown out one thing for you to consider and debunk hes done moved on to three or four more. what he does is hit you with so much bull-shit at one time that before you can think one thing through hes done moved on to three or four things so that naturally we are prone to go along and agree with him cos after all thinking is hard and jindal - hes so damn upbeat!

we have to be honest, we didnt vote for jindal for governor in 2003 we voted for gov blanco. it wasnt anything personal just a feeling we had that it would be a mistake for our state to elect a republican to that position and by extension give more power to george w bush, dick cheney and karl rove. as it turns out we were right. can you imagine what it would have been like had jindal been governor when katrina & rita came through? especially with katrina he would have signed over the city to the federal government posthaste. governor blanco didnt and that will be to her eternal credit.

this isnt to say that the state handled everything as good as it should have been during those days because hey they didnt. but the fault lies in what has transpired since then and that has been no one else's fault but the state of louisiana, its legislature and ultimately we the people of the state of louisiana. this is how it should be. the federal government is to blame for having louisiana's national guard deployed overseas in an illegal and immoral war. (but again thats ultimately we the peoples fault) perhaps if our states full complement of guardsmen and equipment would have been here at home where they should be the reconstruction would be going a lot quicker.

anyway, we really wanted to like jindal we really did but he lost us back at 07 march when he showed us what he really is by voting "yay" to usa patriot act. needless to say we would never ever vote for piyush "bobby" jindal for anything whatsoever and you shouldnt either.