31 May 2006

hb1129 vote proves who the crooks are

the senate passed la state representative francis c thompson's hb1129 which "Creates the Poverty Point Reservoir Development Fund as a special fund in the state treasury."

some years ago representative thompson his brother mike and their cronies which include senator ben nevers and c d jones hatched a plan to build reservoirs all over the state under the guise of "economic development" and now even katrina recovery (in some parishes) the whole thing is a scam with thompson's role together with nevers and others are to draft and guide through the legislature the legislation to take people's old homesteads, ancient family cemeteries, churches to build the reservoirs on. actually the reservoirs themselves are a front in that thompson et al builds high end gated communities around the reservoirs too.

if you are a casual reader you might be thinking wow this is wild. this is just the tip of the iceberg. so how could all these senators and representatives go along and vote in support of this you ask? wishful thinking would have our hopes up that the politicians know that we the people are fed up with them and will probably vote most if not (hopefully) all of them out of office next fall. maybe rep thompson and senator nevers and their cronies have promised them all a piece of the reservoir action if they go ahead and support it. you might be thinking so what? let them have their reservoir if it will get them out of state government isnt that afterall a small price to pay? the fund created by hb1129 will be self generating you say - oh no no no once they have a fund set up inside the state treasury they can expropriate/appropriate as much funds to it in the future as they wish by simple legislation. for example the capital outlay bill (currently this year called hb2). they will come back later and say well the fund is lower this year than expected we need about a couple million bucks to tide us over next year.

so no hell no with that theory and besides what about the people that would lose their homesteads, cemeteries and churches? remember most of these people live on land thats been passed down for generations.

we have posted alot about this and we will continue to do so. (god willing.) we know that there is interest out there about the reservoirs and reservoir thugs and this is mainly for those interested in and following this david v goliath saga.

yesterday when hb1129 was introduced into the state senate for final passage vote state senator c.d. jones addressed the senate he said "mr president and members they've done a great job with the poverty point reservoir community in richland parish and what this bill does is to create the development fund in the state treasury so when we appropriate the money to it then it will go in this fund..."

senator nevers had an amendment [set no 3447 set of 4 amendments] to "add the audubon golf trail development to that fund it simply allows any fees collected by that group to be deposited into the state treasury" without objection that amendment was adopted. this is how smooth they are the whole thing took a minute and thirty seconds. our .mp3 audio is posted here listen for yourself.

look at all the (pardon our french) chicken-shit state representatives who suddenly learned they had something else to do that day. an absent vote should be considered a "yea" because by their absence they are giving this tacit approval.

la. state senators who support state sponsored graft and the same goes for these absent senators as well.

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