21 May 2006

reservoir thug francis thompson gives ulm commencement

Graduate candidates, guests and faculty listen to Dr. Francis C. Thompson as he delivers his keynote address at the commencement ceremony. photo courtesy monroe news star ulm graduation photo gallery

the more we read the news the more we wonder just what the hell is wrong with the people in this state.

there used to be a time when people knew right from wrong and to anyone with two brain cells it is self evident that what la. state representative francis c thompson is doing is just plain wrong.

oak grove community website snip:
"Self serving Legislator Developers are proposing the desecration of 5 Cemeteries, taking of Churches and Homes, to sell Lakefront lots and build Retirement homes."
among other things, francis thompson his brother michael l. thompson and their cronies steal people's homesteads, their ancestral land, their ancient family cemeteries. they use the excuse that there is a coming water shortage in louisiana to build these reservoirs, reservoirs, which just so happen to need glitzy hi-end real estate developments which they develop and build too, oh and they get the state to foot the bill for it all. not only that but the state gets to patrol the reservoirs; see to their upkeep and enforce the law as well. francis thompson's job is to author the legislation enabling the state seizure of the land - under the guise of economic development [eminent domain abuse], projected (junk science) shortages of drinking water, and so forth. the brother mike thompson his job is to collect big fees as a "consultant" another crony terry denmon owns denmon engineering and guess who gets to build the reservoirs? see Thompsons cash in on lake from the monroe news star.

its a total inside job from start to finish. even the guy that may get the contract to rob those graves is a crony of the thompsons.

this is the kind of person that ulm prez dr james e cofer, sr., thinks is a good example for his graduating students to emulate. something is very wrong at the university of louisiana at monroe. we have to wonder what else they are teaching impressionable students is ok.

francis c. thompson ulm 20 may 2006 speech excerpts:
monroe, la., news star snip:
“Many of the successes I have personally experienced in my life have been the result of my many associations with this great institution as a student and faculty member.”

“Graduation is a time of beginnings … a time when we must start to make new lives for ourselves … a time when we must chart new directions for the future … a time when we must come to the realization that all we have done to this point has been done to build foundations for the future,” Thompson said. “A college education provides a strong, yet flexible foundation for your future lives. What you did here will influence you in the years to come.”

Thompson said his generation was leaving the next generation of leaders “a nation which allows individuals to achieve any goal to which they aspire and for which they are willing to work.”

The graduates had an unlimited potential for success, bolstered by their enthusiasm, Thompson said.

“Enthusiasm will help you accept defeats, and defeats are a part of life. Your school years have taught you how to win and how to lose … how to accept success and how to bounce back from failure. You have learned that determination will overpower failures in school and in life.”

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