15 June 2010

speed trap woodworth, la. again

wst... note: below is a comment about speed trap woodworth, louisiana, left today at the linked post. this comment was left by someone using a computer -- the ip number of which, resolves to an isp in kuwait. referral logs show it was using www.google.com.kw to search "city of woodworth louisiana"

we're not posting this just because we believe that this soldier and/or his wife should be or have been given special consideration but because we are against speeding and traffic tickets in general. we believe that a ticket should only issue if and when someone causes a wreck. everyone else leave them alone.

Enraged Soldier commented on woodworth louisiana speed trap capital of the free world

I am a Captain in the United States Army Reserve and am currently in Kuwait, on my second deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

My wife was just passing through Woodworth on her way back home, after dropping off our 2 sons for camp at Camp Beauregard.

She was using a GPS to try and navigate her way back home and was completely turned around and lost. While she was trying to figure out where she was, she passed a Woodworth police officer, who pulled out behind her and stopped her.

I was on the phone with her when he pulled her over and was witness to a shameful display of what I guess Woodworth considers serving the community. ( I am a Police Officer in Southwest Louisiana and am very familiar with the reputation of the Speed Trap Capital of the state, also known as Woodworth)

I listened in total disgust and complete embarrassment to MY profession to hear how rude and heartless this officer (who by the way identified himself as the Chief of Police) treated my wife, especially after she tried to explain to him that I was a deployed soldier and fellow police officer and that she was lost and was just trying to find her way home.
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