09 June 2010

ministers of economic development ceremony

pineville, la. attorney michael t. johnson of the johnson, siebeneicher & ingram firm, recently helped install mr. willie dunkley as chairman of the ministers of economic development.

according to everythingcenla.com, "the installation ceremony was held sunday, june 6, at st. matthew baptist church in boyce."

in 2004, the (14) ministers began by preaching sermons that focused "on reverence for god, respect for parents and regard for the law."

“As long as we were preaching these topics, crime went down,” said Rev. Green. “Chief (Darren) Coutee didn’t believe it would work, but he had to come back to us to say that the crime statistics showed a decrease. As soon as we quit preaching those topics, crime went back up.”
moed also works with the chamber of commerce as well as providing clergy to st. francis cabrini hospital and the rapides parish school board. ~ read more