03 January 2007

rod noles 2007 predictions

rod noles is a local (alexandria, louisiana) real estate broker/developer who has a weekly (usually on wednesdays) radio program on ksyl am 970 called "rod noles economic update." early on wednesday mornings mr. noles sends out an email with that shows synopsis;

the following is an excerpt from this mornings email and if you missed the live program, no problem, you can still listen to it (sans commercials) by going on http://www.ksyl.com and click on the podcast of his show.

007 predictions by Noles, Rod Noles just like Bond James Bond

First Million Dollar Plus home sale, before year is complete at least 4 over One Million

Bentley Hotel will not reopen in 2007

Wal-Mart on highway 28 West will not begin construction until 2008

Two more new hotels will start construction

Four more new bank, credit union branches

Housing starts will be down 8% in Parish

Work will commence on Versailles extension

At least 6 new physician offices will start construction

Hotel in Pineville will be huge success

Pineville will pass alcohol consumption in Restaurants only (Madison says I will drink to that)

Zero new restaurants in Alexandria, relocation of cottage does not count

Zero new apartment complexes in Alexandria except LSUA, rents will see record occupancy and rental rates increase

Condo on Red River will be built and sale out

Increase in bank foreclosure on all types of products

Two major new warehouse developments

Someone will find great use for Cowboy town

Three new churches will be built

Service Merchandise will be demolished and Mall will announce three new stores

Either Circuit City or Best Buy will enter the market not both

McArthur Village will lease 50% of vacant space, predicted last year after Kroger big lease up

Office max building will still be vacant

Cabrini will buy Ball Park from the city

20 new structures in residential section of Lake District

Interest rates will reach 7%

DJA will top 12,500 setting new record currently trading at 22 PE

MLS production will be down 10%

Much excitement in media markets with KALB and Cenla broadcasting setting pace, Town Talk will look more like Gannett

South Circle will still be there

Highest price per square foot land sales will be highway 28 West and Kingsville
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