29 January 2007

media whoring for piyush

if you've been watching the opening round of the piyush for governor campaign you might have noticed that the only reason his supporters can put forth to vote for piyush boils down to "if you dont vote for piyush you are a racist!" here is an example of what we are on about courtesy of sam hanna, publisher of the quachita citizen; when you think about it or more importantly review piyush's voting record you will see that this racist nonsense is all they truly have to draw from.

for instance, piyush's supporters dont want you to know about his vote for the unconstitutional usa patriot act. or his vote for the military commissions act of 2006 "under the mca either the president or the secretary of defense may declare you an "enemy combatant"--as usual, without proof. under that designation you may be jailed, without the right to an attorney, for the rest of your life. you can even be tortured. your u.s. citizenship can't protect you" even pennsylvania's sleezebag senator arlen specter was quoted in the washington post as saying the mca is "patently unconstitutional on its face." piyush and his supporters want you to forget that he took an oath just like the rest of the congress where he held up his right hand and swore that "...I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same..." and that the oath of office isnt some ceremonial words to be said for the cameras but are actually required by federal law see 5 usc § 3331 oath of office. piyush's supporters dont want you to know or to understand that in fact when piyush votes for constitution destroying legislation that despite violating his oath that he is in fact knowingly breaking federal law.

piyush's supporters dont want you to know that he voted for the real id act [house vote] heres an interesting reuters story "maine revolts against digital u.s. id card." and according to cnet: "if you live or work in the United States, you'll need a federally approved ID card to travel on an airplane, open a bank account, collect Social Security payments, or take advantage of nearly any government service."

piyush, who prefers to go by the cutesy, kennedyesque name "bobby" (piyush claims that he swiped that name from a character portrayed by mike lookinland in the old television program "the brady bunch") always likes to start most of his propaganda off by proclaiming how he is always praying over his decisions. only problem is that he never says what god hes praying to. well get a clue people its not the god of the christian bible, the god who's word and principles this country was founded upon. because, if it was, piyush wouldnt be voting for and supporting every ungodly and antichristic piece of america hating and freedom abolishing legislation every chance he gets.

piyush "bobby" jindal's membership in the subversive rhode scholars
piyush's supporters dont want you to know about his membership (just like bill clinton and senator david vitter) in this secret society either.
What Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner had in mind was the formation of a master/slave society based upon the principles of eugenics as derived from Plato's Republic. Malthusian Eugenics is the philosophy of depopulation through the reduction of inferior races --"human weeds"-- and the selective breeding of "a race of thoroughbreds" as described early in this century by Rockefeller-funded, Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger. When Thomas Malthus' theory of population was later coupled with Charles Darwin's evolutionary model, the result was known as Social Darwinism.

On July 19, 1951, in the Tribune under the title "Rhodes' Wards Hawk Global Scheme In U.S.," subtitled "Peddle Propaganda for 'One World," by William Fulton, we quote:

"New York, July l9 - Rhodes scholars, returning from schooling and indoctrination at Oxford university, England, are the principal hawkers of globalist propaganda in the United States. The American scholars obtain their education abroad through terms of the will left by the late Cecil Rhodes, British empire builder and South African despot. Rhodes aimed at the return of the United States to the British empire..."
all this is just the tip of the piyush iceberg and anyone thats supporting piyush whether its your priest, preacher, rabbi, talk radio hosts, newspaper columnists, news hawk, blogger, next door neighbor, whatever, is working for the criminal network. they are trying to deceive you. dont buy their newspapers, dont patronize their advertisers and tell them why. dont vote for piyush "bobby" jindal just because hes "colored" dont vote for piyush because hes a proven traitor and criminal.
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