09 January 2007

new cenla blogger buddy martin

**updated** 136 pm cst wednesday 24 january 2007
according to a secretary at christian challenge: buddy martin's blog is experiencing technical problems and they are working on it. mr. martin's blog should be back online soon....


buddy martin is the "founding pastor" of a local church called "christian challenge" and is the father of pineville, louisiana, city councilman and cenla blogger nathan martin. mr. martin has cancer and he writes some about that and his chemo treatments. he also likes to write about religious subjects and about his dog, general claudius josephus or cj for short.

christian challenge names new senior pastor

northside journal
wednesday 20 december 2006
volume III no 51
page A-8

buddy martin has led his flock of christian workers for 30 years. from humble beginnings as a storefront church in boyce, louisiana, to christian challenge international, brother buddy has followed god's guidance in establishing a place where he can train workers and missionaries for god's service.

this past sunday, brother buddy passed the mantle of leadership to his son, nathan martin. although nathan is now senior pastor of the church his father founded, he insists that the course god has set for christian challenge will not change. "i can say that we will not make any abrupt changes in the mission of this church," said nathan. both brother buddy and his son nathan, recognize that each shepherd is different and each shepherd approaches his mission in a marginally different way. however, the mission itself, set forth by god doesn't change.

with this change of leadership, brother buddy will assume the role of "founding pastor," and insists that his ministry will continue as he pursues his writing, on-line counseling, some travel, and whatever else the lord has in store for him.
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