28 January 2007

sunday matinée: david j smith coming dictatorship and the 666 system

sunday matinée

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in a 9 - 0 decision, handed down on 29 february 1892, the united states supreme court declared that america is a christian nation. see church of the holy trinity v. u.s. 143 U.S. 457; 12 S. Ct. 511; 36 L. Ed. 226; 1892 U.S. LEXIS 2036. the rise of evil leaders such as george w. bush who are bringing about the destruction of america and are enslaving americans are the direct result of american's turning their backs on god. homeland security, terrorism and the fake global war on terror are a lie designed to help further enslave americans. the people cant see what is happening to them because they have no discernment. american's prefer to believe lies rather than the truth.
smith points out that america is "becoming a big brother surveillance society with no privacy whatsoever. how can you have a world dictatorship if everybody has freedom and privacy? you cant. that means everything that you and i and america was established upon must be destroyed. everything. that means our freedoms, our bill of rights our constitutional rights, our privacy so that you and i will not be able to hide from big brother in any way whatsoever."

the dubai ports deal:
quoting congressman ron paul (r) tx about the port sellout "i think he (george w. bush) has numerous things that the democrats, if they get a chance not only will they be after him, for that, (meaning the ports) but it will be payback for the clinton impeachment" congressman paul said that he was inclined to believe that the port sales even though its been all over the news cnn, fox and everybody speaks against it and yet he said that is the agenda in washington to appease the american people.

they will speak out against it make us think that they are against it but they will silently go ahead and with out fanfare the enemies of america will take over the ports. and what comes in to america? how else would you have eventually the dismantling of the united states freedom its constitution its bill of rights so that we could be comfortably merged into an all powerful world government without rights?

something has to happen, this is only one of a long progression of things that have been taking place that is dismantling the united states of america for world government. he (congressman paul) went on to say "at least this has awakened a lot of people" yes its awakened a lot of people but what good will it do because those who have gone to washington as representatives and senators do not have the good of the american people in their mind. they're not interested in what you and i think and they're representing we the people."

usa patriot act
congressman ron paul expressed his disgust over the passage of the patriot act that has taken place and how they have actually reduced a few things to make the american people think that it is not a danger to your freedom but it underscores (according to paul) "bush's unchecked power no one will stand up to him and tell him no this is against the constitution and therefore the freedoms of america keep going down and down. you wont know about this as a private individual until you run into contact with the law then you will find out how many of your constitutional guaranteed rights are really in place for you [...] they had a few token changes which mean nothing and under the present system he (president bush) just ignores what he doesnt like anyway" asked if we are coming close to a dictatorship in america? congressman ron paul said "its getting close to it its called usurpation of power and its done in many ways with congress just going along because they're sound asleep and this certainly is an attack on our constitution and upon our freedoms."
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