12 January 2007

bill robinson announces for sheriff of rapides parish

according to the alexandria daily town talk story published 10 january 2007 (see link) bill robinson announced his candidacy for sheriff of rapides parish, tuesday 09 january 2007 before a crowd of about 100 people at the holiday inn convention center in downtown alexandria.

quite frankly mr. robinson isnt all that impressive. he comes off like the standard issue louisiana political panderer/huckster complete with all the prerequisite mantra's. mr. robinson is quoted as saying::

"We increased the number of 238 beds in the Rapides Parish jail to 1,000 beds -- we need more," Robinson said. "There's an increasing drug problem in the parish, and activities for youths will keep them away from drugs and crime."
mr. robinson wants to increase the beds in the rapides parish jail and with that comes the usual hiring of more deputies which would increase his political base because every deputy and their families are sure to vote for any harebrained self serving tax.

next on the standard mantra list is the so called drug problem. you ever notice how the police never arrest the people that are truly behind the drug problem? its always some poor schmuck with a couple of dime bags of weed. another thing they never talk about is going after all the white collar criminals and corruption around. now why do you suppose that is? mmmhmmm

next comes the kids and providing youth programs. well news flash but its not a parish's or a cities or a states or the federal governments job to provide babysitting services or to entertain the children and young people.

louisiana politics so transparent, so predictable, so pathetic.
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