12 March 2008

whats in it for mary? senator scamdrieu supports controversial downtown alexandria, la tif legislation

in the 05 march 2008 city of alexandria, la. special city council meeting, district 26, state representative herbert dixon recounted how louisiana senator katrina mary scamdrieu err landrieu snellings, phoned him up one morning to let him know how "onboard" she is with his controversial tax increment financing (TIF) legislation he plans to file in the upcoming legislative session.


representative dixon's proposed tif legislation is fraught with controversy. local hoteliers are concerned that the proposed TIF would benefit the downtown hotels, with their tax money, while they are in competition with them as the only two hotels in the proposed district are the bentley and its adjacent alexander fulton, which are being considered for purchase by baton rouge's cyntreniks. the alexandria mayor said that representative dixon is simply moving too fast and that much more public input is needed. many of his sentiments and a concern for other areas of his district, were voiced by house district 25 representative, chris roy, jr. alexandria residents like ms. gayle underwood are concerned as well - see city puts the brakes on dixon's tif plans and did marshall violate the code of ethics again? at central la politics blog.

democrat (actually DINO is more accurate) katrina mary landrieu snellings is louisiana's senior senator whose documented pattern of corruption and influence peddling schemes are mind boggling. it seems that katrina mary's preferred method to receive payment for her services rendered is in the form of campaign contributions. so one is left to wonder how much she stands to gain from her support for representative dixon's bill which will greatly benefit cyntreniks?

representative dixon urged "the press" to "follow up" maybe the press will but most likely they wont.