17 March 2008

a larry sinclair internet defamer defendant is squirming

on 13 march 2008 we posted about the multimillion dollar federal defamation complaint larry sinclair through his counsel has filed in washington d.c. district court.

larry sinclair is the minneapolis man who alleges a 1999 drugs and same sex encounter with then illinois state senator and current democratic presidential candidate barack obama.

in a post to his blog, mr. sinclair has heard from at least one of the defendants.

I received a couple of emails via the youtube email box from Defendant Tubesocktedd...one is titled “Open letter to Larry Sinclair and his blog”
To Larry

In our last message I asked to confirm some information and you told me it was not a post by you.Anyway I see on your site a post or something about a million dollar lawsuit???

So I am not allowed to post rebuttles or parodies? I mean I make vieos with tube sox…

I have deleted false info, like the Wash Post article…

So now my Girlfriend is freeked out… is this for real? Or meant to scare me into closing my youtube account? She (my G.F.) keeps saying Obama is a big boy, he can defend himself.

Larry if this is “for real” it;s more than I realy can deal with.
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