31 March 2008

we're not the only ones who watch channel four

on the friday 28 march 2008 ksyl talk back live radio program, hosts dave graichen and bob madison were talking about the city of alexandria, la. supplying water to the international paper mill located across the red river near pineville.

mr. graichen, basing his comments on nothing factual, was insistent that alexandria sold the water to international paper at a nice profit, stating
"they [alexandria] don't give it [water] to them [international paper], they make a pretty nice chunk of change on that from what i understand." a caller called in and said that "no, the lady was on t.v. talking yesterday said..." mr. graichen cut the caller off in mid sentence and chastised him saying that "i'am telling ya, no -- the city of alexandria -- that [international paper] is one of their top customers -- they make money off of that, they dont give the water to international paper...the city charges international paper for that water"

however, the informed caller stood his ground and replied to repeat what he had heard and seen "the lady" state on t.v. the previous day that the city charges international paper .31 cents per thousand gallons, while it costs the city around .90 cents per thousand gallons to produce.

"the lady" whom the caller was referring to, is city of alexandria,.la. chief operating officer, kay michiels and the t.v. program was the city of alexandria special city council meeting held the previous day, thursday, 27 march 2008 and televised live on government access channel 4.

there can be no doubt as to what ms. michiels said, however, we will remain skeptical of her facts and figures unless and until the city posts those documents to their official website for us to download and see for ourselves. even better, it would be preferable to see these documents posted under cover of a notarized verification since ms. michiels and the mayor tried to trick us in the past with their fake prescott road 'study.'

an audio clip of the caller as well as a video clip of ms. michiels addressing the ip water situation can be found here or at the link. the full version of the special city council meeting in question is here.