07 March 2008

woody jenkins is dumb: tells louisianaconservative.com that 'the patriot act expired last week'

UPDATE: sunday 09 march 2008 9:47 am cst. well, looks like 14,848 republican voters in louisiana's 6th congressional district are dumber than woody jenkins. no surprise there. although the results are still unofficial our calculations indicate that mr. jenkins received 49.85% of the vote which would place him in a run-off with laurinda calogne.

in an interview recently posted to louisianaconservative.com (see link) congressional candidate woody jenkins repeats not once, not twice but three times that the usa patriot act has expired. the usa patriot act has not (although it should have) expired. in fact, in 2006 it was foolishly reauthorized by the house and the senate.

what candidate jenkins must be referring to is another misnamed act - the protect america act which expired on 15 february 2008. the louisianaconservative.com says that its interview with mr. jenkins was conducted on 16 february 2008 yet the protect america act didnt expire until the day before, so candidate jenkins hardly knows what hes talking about.

cbs news excerpt:
[C]ritics of the new bill accused Mr. Bush of "fear mongering," and of trying to deflect attention from the bill itself. Its most controversial provision would prevent Americans from suing phone companies that helped the administration spy on them since the White House surveillance program was instituted in 2001.

Mr. Bush has made immunity from civil prosecution for the telecoms a must-have element for revamping the nation’s surveillance laws, repeatedly saying he would veto any bill that does not exempt telecoms from lawsuits.

The battle lines are being dug in more deeply as House and Senate members prepare to meet in conference to match competing versions of the legislation, an update of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (or FISA).

The House-passed version does not include telecom immunity. This past week, the Senate approved a similar version which includes a provision that protects telecoms from civil lawsuits.

There are approximately 40 lawsuits now brought by citizens and consumer groups against companies that enabled the government to illegally eavesdrop on Americans' phone and Internet communications.

Opponents of the administration's program, which engaged wiretaps against any and all Americans without obtaining court-ordered warrants, say the telecoms' participation was illegal. They say that, given the Bush administration's penchant for secrecy, lawsuits against the telecoms are the only way to obtain disclosure about the facts from the government.

Information being sought includes details about the origins of the program. The administration admitted that the sweeping domestic surveillance originated in the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks. However, declassified documents obtained by the National Security Archive and testimony that is part of these lawsuits suggest the National Security Agency program was put into place shortly after Mr. Bush was inaugurated, long before 9/11.

Mr. Bush claims that unless the telecoms received assurance that they will not be sued for breaking the law (and therefore be liable for damages), those companies will not agree to enact future wiretaps, therefore undercutting the government's intelligence capabilities:

"If these companies are subjected to lawsuits that could cost them billions of dollars, they won't participate; they won't help us; they won't help protect America." ~ read more
woody jenkins appears to be just another rethuglican fake christian sociopath, willing to help dismantle the constitution in favor of erecting a corporate police/surveillance state around americans while using the same old bushonian fear tactics to accomplish same. woody jenkins is too dumb and too dangerous to go to congress.