26 March 2008

a rude awakening for realtor wolf

robert wolf

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at the tail end of the 25 march 2008 alexandria, la. city council finance committee meeting, local realtor robert wolf, arose to ask a question to the committee concerning last summer's tax election.

mr. wolf was specifically concerned about the one percent sales and use tax that was on that ballot. it seems that previously this sales tax had an expiration date of ten years, meaning that it had to come before the voters every ten years to be approved or rejected.
mr. wolf asked: "not too long ago we voted to renew a sales and use tax - one percent, that had a expiration date of ten years -- and the renewal does it also have an expiration date of ten years?"

(get a load of city finance director david crutchfield standing behind mr. wolf shaking his head in order to let the committee know the answer)

"no" replied councilman chuck fowler

"well how could we vote for a renewal of a tax that had an expiration date of ten years and not have an expiration date on what we voted for?" mr. wolf asked.

so councilman lawson called forth finance director crutchfield who promptly explained that it was an "in perpetuity" tax.

actually, last spring there was talk in one of the city council committees about making this tax "in perpetuity" so it really shouldnt have come as a surprise that is just what the city did.

however, no one ever explains how an in perpetuity tax is legal. a hundred years from now we will all be gone, yet people that arent even born yet will be tasked with paying these in perpetuity taxes without ever having a say or even having the opportunity to have a say. do you think thats right? what kind of people do that to their own offspring? an immoral people thats who. isnt an in perpetuity tax in reality taxation without representation? or how about a violation of including, but not limited to, section 1 of the fourteenth amendment right to due process? an in perpetuity tax is a totally unamerican concept - its communist.

the same goes for the rapides parish sheriff's office in perpetuity tax

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if louisiana actually had any politicians, legislators, etc. that were actually worth a damn, they would file a bill and pass a law outlawing this in perpetuity tax scam. but louisiana doesnt have any politicians or legislators that are worth a damn because they wouldnt have ever foisted this garbage on the people to begin with.