05 March 2008

goofy readers write letter in todays gannett/town talk

in today's "your mail" section of the town talk, they printed a letter from "sam wooley" that the town talk captioned: "review board sending a message?" (see link).

mr. wooley's letter begins: "Well, I'm glad to see the fired police officer got his job back." why? why is mr. wooley glad that a dangerous criminal "got his job back?"

mr. wooley continues: "Seems to me the review board is trying to send the new mayor a message: "You run the city -- the police chief will run the police department." this is a patently absurd statement for mr. wooley to make when alexandria, la. chief of police, daren coutee, told kalb that if it was up to him the apd officer in question would not have his job back. kalb source. so it appears that the mayor and chief of police are in agreement regarding the apd police officer or chief coutee has his own ideas about it.

mr. wooley finishes up with: "Now I am not insinuating at all that there may have been a little talk between the mayor and chief of police, or just maybe old Pajamas Roy was upset that the $20,000 the city had to pay the woman will cut down on the get away for the City Council next year. I would hate to see them stay in the Holiday Inn one night and have that money stay in Alexandria. ~ Sam Wooley"

mr. wooley's closing paragraph besides not making much, if any, sense his use of what must be his pejorative "old pajamas roy" we (if you can believe it) find offense and unnecessary.

the only instance that we know of, of the mayor being reported as being in his pajamas or pajama clad was the report of the 17 february 2007 house fire in alexandria that claimed the lives of three alexandria residents. cenlamar has a brief post about it here.

although the two town talk links that cenlamar linked to in their post are now dead, it seems that the town talk reported how mayor roy arrived on the scene of the house fire in his pajamas. this was probably because the time of the fire was late at night/early into the morning and if memory serves, by the time the mayor was notified it was around 2 - 3am before he arrived on scene. the fire claimed the lives of a 106 year old and a 79 year old and also 21 year old david eggins who is described as a "good samaritan" and according to the city of alexandria 17 february 2007 agenda and 17 february 2007 minutes the city council posthumously commended mr. eggins as such.

furthermore, a wst... source within the alexandria fire department told us -- back then, how the mayor's presence at the scene was "impressive" and "appreciated."

although we'll be the first to lampoon the mayor, mr. wooley's calling him "pajamas roy" when it's referring to a tragedy in which innocent people lost their lives and all the mayor was trying to do was provide aid and comfort to everyone involved, goes too far -- even by our low standards.