02 December 2008

what iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad really said at the united nations 30 november 2008

pursuant to united nations general assembly resolution 62/187, the un held the 'international conference on financing for development to review the implementation of the monterrey consensus,' 29 november - 02 december 2008 from doha, qatar,

the monterrey consenus is the outcome of the 21 - 22 march 2002 'monterrey consensus of the international conference on financing for development.' back then a gathering of heads of state and government met at monterrey, mexico and resolved to address the challenges of financing for development around the world, particularly in developing countries. their goals(s) (so they say) "is to eradicate poverty, achieve sustained economic growth and promote sustainable development as we advance to a fully inclusive and equitable global economic system."

we first learned of it all by what turned out to be a deceptive agence france-presse article reposted to the arabic news service ndtv. "iran's ahmadinejad attacks israel at aid conference."

iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad was one of many heads of state to give a speech. yet he probably received the most media attention and the most deceptive of that.

the article is deceptive in several ways that we can see. first, the article is written in such a way that a casual reader would think that zionism and israel was all president ahmadinejad talked about. second, its written to deliberately mislead the reader from surmising where the quotes come from and in what context. the selective quotes were taken from his official address to the united nations. - instead notice how that part is never mentioned -- they say that ahmadinejad was "at a u.n. development conference in doha." and that "ahmadinejad said in a speech broadcast on iranian state television." this is an attempt to pass it off like he was just speaking to the people back home through the iranian media about what was going on there, instead of to the assembled heads of state. this attempt to downplay ahmadinejad's speech is further shown by the accompanying photograph of him shown supposedly to help illustrate the story. [screen grab] the picture of him is not from his speech.

since its president ahmadinejad and all, we wanted to see and hear the exact quotes for ourself. this ultimately led us to the united nations website where they have president ahmadinejad's complete speech as well as everyone else's archived to video.

in his twenty-three minute and thirty-two seconds speech, the media choose to ignore the first twenty-one minutes and fifty seconds entirely. we know this because we had to sit through them to get to the short part at the very end about israel and zionists. that part which the media had made such a hullabaloo over -- the whole length of, you can see below -- took up only two paragraphs amounting to less than102 seconds out of an 11 page speech::

transcripts english | arabic [392 kb .pdf]

screen grab from www.un.org/webcast
length 23m32s
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other media users click here and scroll down to 10:00 - 13:00 - 1st plenary meeting -- iran (islamic republic of) his excellency mr. mahmoud ahmadinejad president
its been a long time since we've done a 'sermon outline' but below are some raw notes we made while viewing president ahmadinejad's speech:
the present economic difficulties

the capitalist bloc has reached an impasse

main causes of crisis
1 the nature of capitalist economy, the foundation of the capitalist system is based on profit maximization without any boundaries and limits and the omission of rules and regulations in the name of economic freedom;
ethics, human values and justice have no place in this capitalist economy system -- this arises from the general attitude of the capitalist ideology toward human kind and the world.
if all nations of the world pursue profits maximization for arguments sake wont we eventually face a dead end and collapse because of the limited resources of earth?

2 unjust and imposed behavior - misuse of the u.s. government.

3 unlimited and frequent creation of money and paper assets.

4 development planning - intentional destructive development planning by the capitalist bloc designed to keep emerging economies dependent upon the capitalist bloc.

5 global financial monetary and banking system - this disturbs the balance and order of self reliant economies and makes them more dependent on capitalist economy. this system and the american government at its top, have been putting tens of billions of unreal dollars in circulation around the world as the prevailing monetary unit while at the same denying any country so imposed over, any oversight, including any oversight accounting of the federal reserve system - indeed, the american government does not allow even its own people any oversight accounting or auditing of the federal reserve system. complacency and greed.

(a) in other words we americans have imposed our dollar as the worlds currency while at the same time allowing no audits or proof that its worth anything. of course the dollar isnt worth anything - they are created out of thin air by the federal reserve system which is a privately owned corporation.

in an attempt to save themselves, the capitalist bloc has designed two parallel measures:

1 they are trying to extend their own crisis to the rest of the globe - to portray it as global. but they are facing a crisis that came into being as a result of their own improper behavior. by false portrayals and force, they intend to cope with their financial economic loss by using the assets of other nations.

2 those who are the main culprits of the existing global crisis, wish to portray themselves as the initiators of a new economic system by criticizing the current financial status quo and by calling for justice and change -- this deceptive behavior is in fact the continuation of the same capitalist policy. we were expecting for the leader of the capitalist bloc to learn from the existing situation and correct the behavior -- everyone should know that the era of the merciless, unilateral and unjust capitalist economic system has come to its end. the current capitalist effort will be fruitless.

socialist economies also met with the same fate and will never return.

the fall of socialism and the capitalist system and the free market economy -- the economy which was totally controlled by capitalists and acted in their favor, has completely failed. what to do now is the question.

what to do to reform the world economy to establish a flourishing and sustainable global economy

1 all governments, intellectuals those whose hearts beat for the world must work towards an economic system which will be based on a real justice, respect for the rights and dignity of all peoples and nations; based on friendship, service to our fellow man. a system based on ethical values sincerity and respect for others. it will not be based on unlimited profit maximization -- especially the monetary financial and banking mechanisms of such a system must be new and must incorporate spiritual teachings; religious teaching and non-usury practices.

(a) in such a system: deceit, destruction of the economy of others, creation of false money, a domineering approach, speculation and creation of economic bubbles shall have no place.

2 a new development planning scheme shall be established and based on indigenous and humanist models

3 resist the expansionist policies of global capitalism and call on those leaders to act in a just manner and friendship -- and to renounce bullying and oppressive tactics.
its amazing to see america's dirty laundry so publicly and cavalierly criticized and scorned by "foreigners" on the other side of the world. its also shameful to realize that president ahmadinejad and other state government heads are correct in their assessment. americans have complacently taken for granted the liberties our forebearers fought to secure for us. we have squandered the blessing and protection of god, that in return for, our founders pledged this land and people to.

its alarming to see what the world plans to do with us too. but how can anyone who is familiar with the bible and history deny what happens to a people or nation which claims to follow god and then asks him for and in return receives his blessing; thereafter, forgets him and turns their back to him? whether or not any of us living today like it or not - america from its beginning has always been an undertaking for the glory of god and the advancement of the christian faith ~ mayflower compact 1620 as published in mourt's relation 1622.

what has happened to america and other countries like the u.k., canada, israel and a few others like france and germany, is that our governments have been conquered by the khazar kingdom.

these khazars who are masquerading as jews, using judaism as nothing more than a cover story (its a beautiful scam) are using the resources of the united states, the u.k. etc in a last ditch effort to take over the rest of the world - either financially or by force and war. the rest of the world knows this and they also know that the khazar's possess most of the worlds nuclear stockpile and that should they fail and/or be exposed, which looks like is just what is happening, will not hesitate to use it to take the rest of the world down with them.

the only thing that american's may do now to save ourselves, is found written at second chronicles chapter seven verse fourteen. americans will either repent and turn back to jesus or go into slavery. actually, all americans have been slaves in a sort of self policng, open air prison for almost 100 years or all the way back to appomattox for the purist. however, this new prison we've allowed to be constructed all around us, especially since 11 september 2001, will not be so covert.