04 December 2008

zion hill church chooses reprobate; heretic paula white to give building dedication keynote address

here is another apostate church: pineville, louisiana's zion hill church and a "pastor" joshua joy dara both of which should be avoided at all costs...

so...the other night we were watching the local evening news and one of the commercials they ran was an announcement that paula white will be the key note speaker at the zion hill church's 07 december 2008, new building dedication ceremony.

we werent totally familiar with ms. white but the name did ring a bell, most likely because we must have seen a recent nbc news report about the united states senate investigation of ms. white and other prosperity preachers. see deep background, nbc news investigates, update: tampa televangelists draw senate scrutiny and also deep background, nbc news investigates tampa church directed staffers to make political contributions.

the local news channel we were watching: kalb is an nbc affiliate -- unfortunately, kalb's news department and management are more concerned with suppressing and covering up crimes than they are in reporting them -- especially when it concerns their advertisers and sponsors of which zion hill church is one, through their thirty minute sunday afternoon paid commercial announcement and their daily five minute paid commercial announcements which usually air during the today show.

who is paula white?
paula michelle white is currently a forty-two year old divorcée, tampa, florida based religious parasite, con-artist and huckster who preaches that being poor is a curse from god. that god wants all of his followers to be rich and that the only remedy to relieve the curse and become rich is to give money to the prosperity preacher. the only people who get rich are the con artists working the prosperity scam.

who is joshua joy dara?
very little is known about this mysterious character. one biography that we were able to find online states that he and his wife elizabeth are natives of nigeria, africa. the biography suggests that they came to america in around 1980, however, no accounting of what mr. dara was doing or up to from that time up to 1996 when he became pastor of zion hill church is given. it states that they became american citizens in april 2000.

the bio does mention that mr. dara "is also an attorney at law for the state of louisiana." the louisiana state bar association shows that mr. dara was admitted to the state bar on 06 october 1989 and that his law firm is the louisiana mental health advocacy service.

the fact that an attorney is also a preacher should send a red flag up to those paying attention for didnt jesus have harsh words for lawyers? "woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers". ~ source

all a lawyer is, is a higher class of criminal. different say from a crack dealer, thief or murderer only in that they are professionally trained. they are liars -- for hire. lawyers have neither scruples nor morals. they are in fact a drag upon society and if you disagree with that then you are welcome to take it up with jesus christ on judgment day because he said it not us. so who in their right mind would trust one to get their religious training from? also, why is the looziana state bar admitting non-citizens to practice law? that needs investigation as well.

coincidentally -- or not, mr. dara's country of birth, nigeria is also the homeland of those who invented and perfected the notorious 419 scam, of which the prosperity gospel scam works exactly like. hmmmmm

no one just appears out of nowhere and suddenly has millions of dollars at their disposal without a reason. we suppose some could foolishly conclude that god has blessed him, but what god? it cant be the most high god, because mr. dara is plainly not preaching his word. so it must be the god of this world who is "blessing" him.

no one in the media has ever asked this guy where he is getting his multi-millions of dollars of financing from and why. could it be that some group is attempting to build a megachurch to corral the black people into so that the black population and vote can be more easily manipulated? oh and with the added benefit of stealing all their money.

according to the 15 november 2008 issue [link | .pdf] of "the light" newspaper:

The Family Life Center is a separate entity of the church, and it is operated by a Board of Directors, headed by

Toma G. Epps, a church member and an assistant vice president at Capital One Bank.

Other board members are Dara, executive officer;

James Smith, church member, board vice-chairman and executive director of Cenla Counseling Agency;

Stephan Fontenot, church member, board secretary and manager of the Section 8 housing assistance program at the Alexandria Housing Authority;

Sharon Beauregard, church member, board treasurer and teacher at Rosenthal Montessori;

Mike Spears, church member and owner of Mike Spears Insurance Agency;

Martin Johnson, city president of Regions Bank;

Lisa Harris, church member and chief policy officer for the City of Alexandria;

Janice Richard, head women’s basketball coach at Louisiana College;

Harrell Davis, church member and a financial advisor;

Daphne Robinson, church member, an attorney and co-owner of Claiborne Land & Title;

and Dr. Joan Walker, a church member and family practice physician.
my, my this is quite a cast of characters. notice how it's always the same old people that sit upon all the boards and commissions. all interlocking; all working together.

sometimes zion hill church claims to be a baptist church and oftentimes not. one reason that zion hill might have left the baptist denomination is that the national baptist convention which according to its website "is the nation’s oldest and largest african american religious convention with an estimated membership of 7.5 million," soundly denounces the prosperity gospel. the national baptists know that the prosperity gospel is actually about making their people into slaves.

dr. robert m. franklin, author of recently released crisis in the village, has called the prosperity gospel movement the single greatest threat to the historical legacy and core values of the contemporary black church tradition. ~ source

The unbiblical musings of Paula White and friends
Paula White is another in a seemingly endless line of money hungry false teachers that pop up almost every day. Contributors beware.

Paula White preaching the Christian rather than the Christ
The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is all about him rightfully claiming the Davidic kingship and fulfilling Old Testament Scripture. Sadly, Paula takes the story in an entirely different direction.

Paula White's Heretical Lies
n this clip Paula White mangles the Biblical teaching of Christ's Atonment on the cross for our sins and turns it into a teaching about prosperity. She also denies the Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of God and tells us not to pray to Jesus.

any christian; any christian preacher who is not speaking out against this heresy, this doctrine of demons called the prosperity gospel that is being injected into our community's collective consciousness by zion hill church and joshua joy dara with the help and assistance of the likes of paula white and the media should be considered a part of the scam.

Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. ~ Romans 16:17-18
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