03 December 2008

nixon tapes

the main stream media is having a ball digging up dick nixon's corpse and kicking it around over some so called recently discovered white house tapes of his.

nixon white house tapes are nothing new. there are plenty on the internet and have been for years. many have been added to youtube months and years ago.

one that comes to mind is this one added over two years ago in which president nixon discusses the nexus between bohemian grove, homosexuals,
politicians and san francisco.

we cant help but wonder why it never received any press publicity.


RMN: "lets look, lets, lets look at northern california -- you understand it yeah?"

unintelligible - something about "san francisco"

"but it isnt just down in the ratty part of town"

"but the upper class in san francisco is that way"

"now bohemian grove that i attend from time to time"

unintelligible - something about the "others that come there"

"but it is the most faggy god dammed thing you could ever imagine"

"that san francisco crowd that goes in there"

"its just terrible!"

"i mean i wont shake hands with anybody from san francisco."