19 March 2007

hillary and obama in scary 1984 ad

via drudge archives

1984 hillary & obama vid via youtube
length :73s

sorry to give you such a start. (not really)

the 1984 commercial was broadcast 22 january 1984 during superbowl xviii. [los angeles raiders 38, washington redskins 9] the ad's purpose was to brag on apples then increasing market share in home computers from 8.5% in 1982 to 26.42% in 1983 and to play on the fears of ibm domination. we know how that worked out dont we.

this updated version the runner is wearing the barack obama'08 logo on her tank-top instead of a "picasso style" apple computer.

much better wouldnt you agree?

the thing is though -- is that at around 16 seconds, for a frame or two; subliminally...our heroines head is replaced with hillarys' ~ looking sultry. notice the logo on the tank-top is different as well. by the way whats that backward "C' symbol over on the left? hmmmm.

we think jersey goddess is on to something
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