20 March 2007

gov blanco not to run

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added 3:17pm cdt wednesday 21 march 2007 as we have written before we dont think that governor blanco is necessarily an evil or bad person. governor blanco simply has the worst advisers in the world. the absolute worst people a person could have advising them, she has. why the governor cant see this is anyones guess. perhaps governor blanco should have spent more of her valuable prayer time to pray for some competent advisors? in our opinion the whole lot of them ought to be investigated. about the only thing the governor has done right (that we can find) since hurricanes katrina and rita was her refusal to sign over new orleans to george w. bush and the federal government and her speaking out against the john warner defense act.

anyway, even if you somehow ignore hurricanes katrina and rita which thanks to icf and the road home we cant, one can easily see that governor blanco was no reformer she was just another good ol boy. this time one in a skirt. the governor didnt do anything about the states reservoir scam. she promoted and eventually signed hb685 a mandatory ethanol bill by guess who - none other, than reservoir scammer himself state representative francis c. thompson; that, come to find out, her crony the shaw group will build the refineries -- ag commissioner bob odom admitted this, this past summer in the very first kalb video blog. while we are on about the mandatory ethanol it came out that our very own senator joe mcpherson owns an interest in a company called "rapides ethanol partners" and yes senator mcpherson voted for mandatory ethanol bill.

governor blanco didnt do anything about restoring hot wells despite signing legislation giving hodges gardens (a private flower garden) around a million dollars a year in taxpayer money and for the state to see to its upkeep..

governor blanco delayed the orleans mayoral election. governor blanco appointed another good ol boy former state rep. bryant hammett to head the all important wildlife and fisheries department - no reform there. if the governor was a true reformer we would expect to see oh say a qualified wild life biologist in that position.

governor blanco signed hb250 by representative karen "corporate tool" carter. the governor supports muzzling and reigning in state treasurer john kennedy -- this is more of the governor's adviser incompetence or sabotage because anyone can very easily see how popular and respected and yes even admired sec'y kennedy is. by the way sec'y kennedy you better not let us down or one day we will be writing an obit like this for you. just teasing yaz...mostly.

now the governor says that by not seeking reelection "we can work without interference from election year politics. Every action in my remaining months in office will be to serve Louisiana's best interest. ' and that "In the upcoming session, I will ask legislators to adopt a bold and sweeping education agenda." this is total bullshit! when politicians are getting ready to screw you they always say its for the children, oh the poor children. that or national security. education isnt getting any better and it wont get any better unless and until the ten commandments and god are restored. simple as that. on the flip-side of that is that god and the ten commandments were removed just so we would descend into the situation we are currently in.

whats happening is that the governor is trying to trick everyone to look one way while she together with the legislature - who by the way in case you dont know yet are nothing but a bunch of crooks - will do is push through every self serving bill and scam they can think of. the governor doesnt have anything to lose and a lot of the legislators themselves thanks to term limits dont either. the reservoirs will be totally funded. ethanol refinery plans will appear magically out of thin air and on and on. so dont be a sucker!

looks like 'reverend' raymond brown was right after all.


"After much thought and prayer, I have decided that I will not seek reelection as your governor."
from the governors mansion on tuesday 20 march 2007 6:02pm cdt louisiana governor kathleen blanco announced that she will not seek reelection.
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