03 March 2007

boozin it up in pineville part deux

well, well, well looks like the mayor and the city council of pineville, louisiana finally have a scapegoat to blame looming alcohol sales on - the louisiana supreme court. the louisiana supreme court what a laugh. this is the same bunch of asshats that brought us the recent ruling in state of louisiana v leslie otto ordodi that makes it fully prosecutable in louisiana for you to be sentenced to many years at hard labor in a louisiana prison for thought crimes and precrimes. never mind that you didnt actually commit a crime -- its enough now you might have been thinking about doing it. essentially making everyone guilty of something.

anyway, another thing that makes us laugh is these idiot pineville preachers suddenly mobilizing their flock of sheeple to put a stop to alcohol sales. remembering that this is the same bunch of hypocrites that will sit back and watch the bush administration shred the constitution and bill of rights, pass all manner of anti-christic legislation and will not say a word. hell they cheer it on. these sham preachers and faux christians watch while the bush administration wages illegal and immoral wars of conquest murdering thousands if not hundreds of thousands or millions of innocents that according to their great commission they are supposed to be reaching with the gospel. good luck reaching the arab world with the "good news" now.

one thing they like to rave on and on about is how it will increase drunk drivers and so forth. well. hello! the only place you are (at least used to be) constitutionally guaranteed to be safe and secure at -- is in your home. on your property. when you leave your house there is no guarantee that you're coming back.

yes its true that in a lot of cases, if not most, that alcohol destroys lives. it is written at proverbs twenty verse one that: "Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise." it is also written at proverbs twenty-two verse six "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." so if all these "outraged" preachers and christians were doing their job then alcohol sales wouldnt even be an issue because no one would drink.

we are still opposed to alcohol sales in restaurants but thats not so much on moral grounds its because once when we were children there was a place outside alexandria, on highway 28 west called grandma's catfish house. our family was there eating one friday or saturday night and there was a group of six or eight drunks (couples) at the table next to us talking all loud and making lewd comments. it was embarrassing and we've never forgotten it. it turned us off to drinking in public at least at restaurants like that.

oh and one other thing...this supreme court decision was handed down almost two years ago and there has been a lot of controversy about a local attorney's quest to get public records in the form of emails and so forth from the pineville mayoral chief of staff. pineville has been fighting the release of those emails tooth and nail. could it be possible that this alcohol deal and what all has been written back and forth between the city administration and city attorney on what they knew and when they knew it and how to strategically foist it on the public have something to do with that?

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