01 March 2007

march 2007 last trumpet newsletter out

david j. meyer's last trumpet newsletter always makes fascinating reading below is some excerpts from this months issue. click the link to read the entire issue.


On February 2nd, the very day of the witches’ high cross-quarter sabat of Imolge (pronounced im-bolc), a devastating tornado ripped through Florida. It was reported that one of the funnel clouds was a whopping half mile in diameter. Nineteen people were killed and many others were injured. Property damage was wide-spread as more than 1,500 buildings, including churches, were damaged or destroyed. (9) Among the debris of one church that lay in ruins with wooden crosses strewn everywhere, song books were found open to the song “I Surrender All.” Is that a warning to the rest of our nation?

Both ancient and modern witches believe that the February 2nd sabat of Imolge, which means in the belly in Gaelic, is the day when the new spring begins to move within the womb of “Mother Earth.” On February 14th, which is known by witches as Lupercalia – the day of the wolf and by others as Valentine’s Day, everyone is encouraged to participate in sensual climactic acts to induce “Mother Earth” to reach a climax, which is believed to cause the new spring to blossom on time. Witches believe that the flowers and trees awaken because of this sex-act between “Mother Earth” and the “Force” from the astral plane. However, God sends judgment appropriate for their error.

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue and the rest of the world is in a state of unrest, we must remember that the first war ever fought was fought in Heaven. The one who started it was Satan, and he was cast out to the earth. Here on earth, this so-called god of war is now working his final plan to bring every human being under his dominion; by force, if necessary. Satan is the very spirit of war and his demons are militant spirits. We must keep that in mind when we hear President George W. Bush proudly say, “I am a war President.” President Bush is also known as Mr. Embarrassment, but his successor will be no better; just evil in a different way. This war President, George W. Bush, has now sent Congress a 2.9 trillion dollar spending plan. Furthermore, while the President is asking for billions more dollars for fighting wars, he intends to cut Medicare and Medicade by 78 billion dollars. (16)

Another expenditure is in the form of a contract for 385 million dollars, which was signed on the witches’ sabat of February 2nd, 2007. This contract was awarded to KBR, the engineering and contractor subsidiary of Haliburton, which is Vice President Cheney’s former employer. The contract was given through the Department of Homeland Security for the construction of a number of what are called detention, processing, and enforcement facilities by the respected Market Watch Magazine. (17) That is exactly what Adolph Hitler called his concentration camps.

These are strange times as the governments of the world take on the characteristics of the satanic beast and exert their power to control people and enslave them. On February 4th, 2007, [wst... note: although governor perry's executive order might not have been publicized until 04 february 2007 the executive order was actually signed on what mr. meyer calls "the witches’ February 2nd sabat of Imolge"] the state of Texas has decided to force all school girls ages eleven and twelve to be vaccinated with Merck Pharmaceuticals’ human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV), also called gardasil. The virus is one that can cause cervical cancer, but it is only transmitted by sexual activity. The action that made this vaccine mandatory was not the action of the Texas Legislature but was done by the executive order of Governor Rick Perry, who bills himself as a conservative “Christian.” Reportedly, Governor Perry has several ties to Merck Pharmaceuticals, and Merck is expected to make 630 million dollars on this project over the next five years. It is estimated that 1.75 million girls will be vaccinated before they reach their teen years. (35)

There is overwhelming evidence that there is no such thing as a safe vaccine. In fact, there are many grave dangers in becoming a human voodoo doll at the hands of the medical profession, especially when it becomes mandatory by executive order. Does the government own your body? We must remember that the once rare condition of autism now affects 1 out of every 150 children. (36) There are strong links between vaccinations and autism. I personally have met a number of people who had normal children, but after vaccinations the children became autistic. There are now 560,000 autistic children in the United States! (37)

Another gimmick being used to control children through drugs is called TeenScreen. This a nation-wide program developed by a psychiatrist named David Shaffer, and it consists of a psychiatric examination of every child in America to determine if they have any suicidal tendencies. If it is determined that they do have such tendencies, psychiatric drugs can be prescribed. To find out which schools are using TeenScreen, you can go to http://www.teenscreen-locations.com. (38)

Another example of oppression and abuse of power is the bill that has been introduced in Texas that requires parents to attend parent-teacher conferences or be fined five hundred dollars and be given a criminal record. (39) We have been warned, well in advance, that the days would come when the end-time beast would rise up to oppress the people of the Almighty. Those days are most certainly here. Thankfully, we have help from above, and by faith, all will be well!

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