22 March 2007

reverend gives alexandria city council prez hobbs a good dressing down

video added 1:23 pm cdt wednesday 27 june 2007
alexandria, louisiana's reverend leroy johnson is our kind of reverend. in a recent (13 march 2007) alexandria community development committee meeting, reverend johnson stood up and absolutely nailed his councilman - the city council president and district two councilman, everett c. hobbs.

this ranks right up there with wst...fave christopher tidmore's taking former governor mike foster down a peg or two live on the moon griffon show. as usual not a word about reverend johnson is mentioned anywhere in alexandria's mainstream media.

what we find curiously disturbing is that of all the people in the alexandria, louisiana area no one is recording and posting these outstanding clips to youtube or google video. we would do it ourselves but we lack the hardware/software to do it. if you have the ability to record and post these video clips online we are interested in working with you in starting some sort of video blog.
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