15 March 2007

republican propagandist professor sadow plays down vitter's giuliani endorsement

this guy professor jeff sadow is such a liar and so transparently fake its amusing. we feel sorry for anyone dumb enough to take this guys pseudo intellectual rot seriously. for example professor sadow claims that he isnt a "republican operative" and that "other than a GOP party registration I proudly acquired just after graduating high school I have no affiliation with the party." now we know that is a damn lie because if it was indeed true that he was just a rank and file republican, the perfesser would be writing to teach and to expose and to raise hell about the bush administration and its louisiana republican syncophants shredding of the constitution and bill of rights. he would be outraged at their support of and voting for unconstitutional, antiamerican and antichristic legislation. he would be denouncing the undeniably unconstitutional and therefore illegal not to mention immoral iraq war. instead perfesser sadow is promoting these very same criminals and their activities!

the perfesser never misses an opportunity to bash governor blanco, katrina mary, john breaux, william jefferson, ray nagin and any other democrat he can think of all while writing in this highbrow pseudo intellectual prose designed to leave the reader scratching his head thinking "damn, anyone who writes like that must know what they are talking about." well folks, your first instinct is the correct one - its all bullshit.

make no mistake we are in no way defending the democrats they are just as sorry as the republicans. both parties need to be ran off the planet on a rail and independent third or even nonparty candidates elected.

you need to stop and think. professor sadow is a college professor -- he is teaching our children that its ok to destroy the constitution. that criminality is acceptable and even to be encouraged. that the constitution "its just a goddamed piece of paper." and that "By 2010, when Vitter must run for reelection, either a misstep will be forgotten largely, or his enhanced stature will make him more powerful – and potentially more helpful for Louisiana’s interests – than ever. While this isn’t exactly a case of politics making for strange bedfellows, it’s at least an instance of unusual ones. But, politically, it is a low-risk move for Vitter that may pay off substantially in terms of both electability and power." see what we mean? no disgust, no outrage at vitters endorsement um misstep. the perfesser even pokes fun at your stupidity by pointing out that by 2010 you wont remember what vitter did anyway. perfesser sadow explains it all away as a potential consolidation and expansion of power. and to these bunch of criminals isnt that what its all about?

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