10 March 2007

a reason not to vote for walter boasso

louisiana state senator walter boasso was in alexandria, louisiana, yesterday (friday 09 march 2007) to announce his intentions to seek the office of governor for the state of louisiana. kalb broadcast the video last night but so far its not up on their website. kalb's website has been fubar lately. anyway, in last nights video, senator boasso said that if he is elected governor that he intends to call a constitutional convention. hold on...not so fast. do you really trust this current crop of legislators to be tampering with the state constitution? put it another way: would you trust bonnie and clyde, pretty boy floyd and al capone to perform a brain surgery on you? the answer to both questions is an unequivocal hell no! we are sorry but as long as senator boasso is talking about a constitutional convention we cant take him seriously as a gubernatorial candidate.
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