31 March 2007

kalb mysteriously quiet on latest mayor-city council-cleco lawsuit controversy

originally posted 17 march 2007 12:32 pm

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no thanks to kalb :-P we have the 13 march 2007 city council meeting with remarks by mr. tony clayton and ms. bridgett brown.

tony clayton remarks
length 5m12s click here for video direct link


bridgett brown addresses the city council
length 11m41s click herefor video direct link
famous town talk has jungle fever speech

larry english, esq. attorney for ms. bridgett brown addresses the alexandria city council 28 march 2007
Length 5m17s click here for video direct link
added 6:56 am cdt monday 02 april 2007 now we're not lawyers we just watch a lot of law and order and in that middle video, the bridgett brown video, city attorney charles johnson plainly asks the city council for permission to file a "motion to determine counsel." the city council president everett hobbs just laughed at mr. johnson....then perhaps the most strangest and most telling event happened in this whole episode -- councilman lawson chimed in that he was under the impression that ms. brown was "still on the case they (mayor & city attorney, etc.) under the impression shes not, i think if we move forward we're not gonna solve it here i say that we move the meeting and thats my position." what exactly does this mean "move the meeting?" move the meeting to where? out of the public eye?

and "not gonna solve it here" thats disturbing because thats exactly where it should be solved - in public; in a public meeting. so then the city attorney reiterates his request to file his motion and the city council hem-haws around for a little while and councilman lawson is again adamant in his position to adjourn the meeting. now like we wrote earlier we arent lawyers but it would seem to the casual observer that if mr. johnson would have been given permission to file his motion that would have given the city the advantage because it would have put the ball in ms. browns court to show that she was right and the city wrong. now ms. brown has filed papers that would seem to give her an advantage and make the city have to prove its position is correct.

even though most if not all of the city councilmen might be friends with ms. brown and all that - their first duty is to the city. so how can the citizens of alexandria expect their city to be properly ran when their own city council doesnt act in the citys best interest?

Alexandria removes Brown from Cleco case
town talk snip
Bridgett Brown told the Alexandria City Council on Tuesday that she is still its attorney in the ongoing Cleco Corp. case, despite receiving a letter almost two weeks ago stating she was off the case.

Brown's and others' statements Tuesday were the first confirmation that Brown had been relieved of duty by the city attorney for Mayor Jacques Roy.
last month kalb couldnt wait to post footage of the 27 february 2007 alexandria, louisiana city council meeting. permalink here.

this month (13 march 2007) another controversy erupted when a friend of ms. brown, tony clayton, addressed the council and said that the mayor didnt have any authority to remove ms. brown from the cleco case. then ms. brown personally addressed the city council and said practically the same thing. kalb hasnt posted any of this video or even mentioned it on their website. what gives?

more later....
city council meeting transcript

we are working on the transcript and hope to have it completed sometime tonight or tomorrow - in the meantime check cable channel 4 as they are replaying the meeting from time to time.






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