22 March 2007

roy administration caves to free spending city council

dana pitcher productions again...

on 16 march 2007, the alexandria, louisiana daily town talk printed (see link) a pretty strong editorial captioned: "Our view: Citizens should know reasons behind City Council votes." back in november 2006 the city council and the previous mayoral administration under mayor ned randolph paid someone called 'dana pitcher productions, inc.' $15,000 [11,262 eur] and thats another thing -- the town talk keeps reporting that the city paid 'dana pitcher productions, inc.,' however, a simple check of the louisiana sec'y of state's corporation database shows that there is no such named company listed so we are wondering why the town talk hasnt done one of their famous public records requests on the actual check the city paid the dana pitcher entity. the town talk should post the front and back of the check so that alexandrians could see just exactly to who or what that check was actually made out to.

anyway, the whole dana pitcher affair sounds like some kind of money laundering/kick-back scheme. consider this: does it make any sense for the city to spend taxpayer dollars to pay someone to bring a sports (or any) event to the city? no it doesnt, because in the common sense world the promoter would be paying the city for the use of city facilities.

why is it that according to the town talk the city can come up with $15,000 [11,250 eur], the politicians slush-fund piggy-bank GAEDA can pony up another $15,000 and the england authority another $10,000 -- $40,000 [30,000 eur] for an event thats only going to last a couple of hours? doesnt something about all this sound just a little bit funny to you? yet no one in authority is investigating anything.

we've said before the need for a pier, just a pier not a gazillion dollar marina, downtown for the house boaters and red river sailors to tie-up to. do you know how much concrete you could pour for $40,000? yet the city of alexandria pisses away the citizens tax money on this b.s....this is pathetic.