26 March 2007

viewpoint:: the march 2007 senate inquiries about epidemic mortgage foreclosures and u.s. attorney general alberto gonzales

law & grace, inc. is an 501(c)(3) social ministry corporation founded by ms. barbara ann coleman jackson. ms. jackson, or ann coleman as she prefers to be called, is a new orleans native following new orleans judicial corruption, especially with respect to new orleans property seizures called "flipping." today ms. coleman posted a new essay on how the u.s. attorney firings could have consequences in stopping white collar criminals in the new orleans area.

The noise about the firing of those 8 U.S. Attorneys is being heard all over the place, as the firings appear to have been tainted; and possibly to prevent exposure of white collar activity. For sure if those 8 persons lost their jobs for doing their jobs that is certainly an INJUSTICE. Further, demands have been made for Gonzales’ resignation; and all sort of unsavory discussion regarding the Justice Department is being circulated. For such reasons, Congress is probing the Attorney General to get to the bottom of things. Nearly a week ago amid all these factors, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ chief of staff Kyle Sampson resigned.
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