31 March 2007

so where's the video?

back on 22 march 2007 we posted about how in a city council community development committee meeting, an alexandria, louisiana reverend (leroy johnson) had given the city council president (everett hobbs) a good dressing down. the point of the post was to draw attention to the city council meetings that are televised on suddenlink cable channel four and to maybe give someone out there the idea to record and post these clips to youtube or google video. hey since its spring we thought we would plant a seed.

within oh about an hour of our posting we received an email from the news director over at kalb-tv offering to acquire that video for us. after a flurry of emails between us it was understood that kalb would acquire the reverend leroy johnson clip as well as the bridgett brown clip starting with comments made by mr. freddie banks and mr. tony clayton and then picking up again with ms. brown's comments and continuing through to the adjournment of the city council meeting. the idea was that we would upload the video to google video ourselves with credit to kalb etc.

here it is nine days later and still no video and no word as to when, if ever, we will ever acquire it. we have noticed that kalb hasnt posted it online themselves either.

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