27 March 2007

que'in on the red numbers

in this video report (see link) posted to kalb.com and filed by newcomer joel massey we learn that the recent que'in on the red event "was a big success"...huh? according to the report only 12,000 people attended this two day event and thats 12,000 people out of (according to the below report from harvard university) a metropolitian area that contains (in 2000) 126,337 people. another thing is that the ticket sales for, again a 2 day event, was only $35,000 [26,227 eur].

in what must have been a backhand swipe at ron roberts: "community services director lisa harris attributed the success in part to the wide variety of musical artists."

over on the town talk they repeat the 12,000 number and quote mayor roy as saying "this year’s que’in on the red was a massive success, this exceeded our expectations,” roy added. “it was the biggest festival alexandria has had in recent history.” thats funny because worldstadiums.com says that the rapides parish coliseum's capacity is 6,512 people, so the que'in on the red festival an outdoor event, attracted the equivalent of two coliseum's full of people over a two day period and knowing the city they counted as attendees the vendors, police and support personnel etc. so who knows what the true numbers really are.

now contrast those numbers with the city of alexandria's recent decision to fork over $15,000; GAEDA $15,000 and the england authority $10,000 ($40,000 ttl) to dana pitcher for a boxing event thats only going to last a few hours. something just doesnt add up. the money is funny.

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